FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How should I look after my leather accessories?

Leather is a live material so it captures anything that is in the air, like dust particles or other powder.
You can clean any dirty marks or stains with a cotton cloth, if it’s white even better. Dip the cloth into some plain hand cream – no perfume or colour added, just like your grandma used to use. We like to use Nivea. Rub the cream into the mark and then keep rubbing to remove the excess.

2. Cream on leather accessories?

Yes. Just like we polish our shoes, leather accessories need to be moisturised to relieve dryness or cracks on the surface. It’s the same as when our skin is dry. Remember, always use a clean, pure and white cream.

3. How do I cut my leather belt if it is too long?

Ideally, leather should be cut with a special cutter, but if you don’t have one at home use the best scissors you can get your hands on. Mark a line on the reverse side of the belt with a soft pencil, follow this line for the cut. Place the scissor so that the blades are slanted to the thickness of the leather. Cut on a slant so that the cut is clean.

4. How should I wash my wool items?

If your washing machine has a wool or delicate programme, that you can use with no fear at all, go for it. However, it is better if you wash it by hand in cold water (never hot water), leave it in the water for no more than 10 minutes and then rinse with clean water. Spinning in the machine can be risky, but some machines offer a slower spin. Otherwise, to get rid of the excess water, roll the item in a towel to squeeze the water out and dry flat.

5. What should I do with creased linen?

Linen is not very easy to iron, sometimes it helps if you do it immediately after washing the garment. If it is creased even after ironing it, it just means that the percentage of pure linen in your garment is very high. In fact, we recognise high quality linen from its creases, so be happy —you have a pure material garment!

6. What is your returns policy?

We believe in our products. They are made with special care so we can bring you the best possible garment. However, we know there are exceptions. If you’re not satisfied, please get in touch. Please send an email to info@musgoclothing.com with subject CHANGE or RETURN and let us know what has happened and why you are not happy with your purchase. Please attach necessary photos and information as well as the photos of the packaging. We’ll send our courier to pick it up. We will work together to find a solution to change size, product or refund.  

Used garments will be carefully taken into consideration to understand if the garment had a tare of was treated inappropriately. 

7. What is the most sustainable way to discard an item of clothing?

After you have used your garment, even after some years, please do not leave it in a normal rubbish bin. There are plenty of charitable associations or places where you can leave it. By doing so, you are giving the opportunity for it to be used again by other people.
A Clothing Swap Day is another way to share old clothes. At events like this, you can exchange things you don’t wear anymore with friends and even people you don’t know. Just bring your unwanted clothes and look for others you might just love. Here at Whitebox, we have a Clothing Swap Day every Spring. The intention is to reduce the enormous amount of textile waist produced every year around the world. Join us.
If you can’t come to our event in Mallorca, think about organising your own at home.

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