Musgo is created for the conscious consumer.

We believe that consumers should be aware of the full impact behind their investment purchase. We like to make responsible decitions based on the whole chain process of the product, making clothing that is both flattering, tasteful and free from guilty consciousness.
Our sustainable values as a clothing brand are:
  • Fabrics that are either biodegradable or recycled synthetics, certified by official institutions.
  • Produced under legitimate labour conditions according to European standards.
  • Produced locally reducing carbon footprint.
  • Avoiding plastics in the garments using instead, wooden buttons or metal zippers that are more expensive but more enviromentally safe, and also in our packaging.
By producing clothing under these brand ethics, both you and us, achieve to reduce future residues in nature, once these pieces of clothing have worn out in many years to come. Also, we reduce residues from fabric cut outs that result from the manucafuturing process (Check out why our 7-in-1 coat is also “zero waste” below).
We also achieve to honour social values, respecting minimum wages, decent working conditions and safe environments.
We achieve to honour life, avoiding any materials that imply animal suffering, and avoiding throwing more unorganic residue onto their environments.
We achieve to reduce carbon dioxide footprint, by reducing how much our products travel round the world in order to be made.
Regular fast fashion and very economical clothing have materials usually grown in Africa, then produced as fabrics in India, then sold to designers in Europe, fabrics then sent to China, Bangladesh, Turkey or Morocco to be produced, and then final clothing sent back to Europe to be sold.
Our GOTS cotton is croped and produced in Portugal. Our recycled fabrics are designed, produced and bought in Spain, and the clothing is also made in Spain. This makes our clothing more expensive, our selling margins lower in order to be more competitive, but in return, we offer you a conscious free product, of high quality that will last longer and will be in equilibrium with our environment.
Musgo is created to bring to the market sustainable solutions.

Happiness occurs when your beliefs, your actions and your words, are coherent.



Marta Jiménez is a Spanish creative, born in 1985 in Madrid. Always a sports and nature person, has been for many years an International elite triathlete winning both National and International championship titles.
A nature lover at heart, studied science baccalaureate in the Bristish Council School and started her degree in Biology in the Complutense University. This influence is acknowledged throughout Marta’s decitions as both an entrepreneur and animal rescurer.

Later on, she decided to study a more creative degree, graduating in Science of Media, Culture and Communication in New York University. Has also a masters degree in Screen Writing for Film & TV by ECAM in Madrid.
After working as production coordinator for TV commercials in Palma Pictures, she decided to pursue her creativeness and writer, film director and entrepreneur in the film industry and the fashion industry.
For more information of Marta’s filming proyect check martajimenezfilm.com


Musgo was initially named The White Box, and founded by designer Verónica Bilicka. Argentinan, living in the Balearics (Spain), Verónica wanted to create her own fashion brand, created in Mallorca, Summer clothing sold in her showroom in the heart of Pollensa. Verónica Bilicka is the designer of the 7-in1 coat, our kimono jacket or the Aina dress.

After five good years, Verónica decided to move to Géneve, Switzerland, to start a new chapter in her life, thus selling The White Box to Marta Jiménez, preserving the brand’s roots in Mallorca, Spain.

ZERO WASTE means that this clothing item contributes to reduce the environmental impact by
  •  Avoiding fabric cut offs and left overs  in the making process.
  • Using biodegradable fabrics.
Our 7-in-1 coats & vests can be worn in multiple ways to custom your personal style and reduce the frenetic fast fashion purchases.  You can choose between:
  •  Long version: loose, with pin or with a belt.
  •   Short version: loose, with pin, with hoodie or like a foulard around your neck.
The coats are made in high quality materials.
Our silver pin has been designed exclusively for Musgo by Quya Jewellery in Mallorca, Spain.
7-in-1 coat positions
Silver Pin

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